Creative Producer / Director / Songwriter


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My name's Olivia, and I make creative content. My projects involve some combination of film, TV, branded content, and music, and I prioritize exploring female-driven, coming-of-age themes. 

I went to USC for music, minored in film, and have been working on various film and music projects since graduating in 2014. Living in LA after spending most of my life in North Carolina has been an artistic awakening resulting in a smorgasbord of creative adventures: I've premiered films I directed and produced at Tribeca Film Festival, sold a TV show to ABC’s Freeform, written songs for Netflix and Disney shows, directed/produced a branded content video for TUMI/Tribeca Film Festival, produced hundreds of songs in my home studio, produced photoshoots, production managed videos for brands/artists like Puma and Sabrina Carpenter, put together countless pitch decks, edited major music videos, and directed broadcast TV commercials. For the past year and a half, I've also been contracted to write a TV show I created about four girls in a band, a concept I had been developing since college with Kerry Furrh and Cailin Lowry. 

If I had to give myself one title, I'd choose creative producer: I have an intuitive eye for developing a creative vision, and I also enjoy managing the logistics and business details of a project. I basically like getting shit done, both in a creative and non-creative way. Are you looking for someone who can be actively involved in every stop of a creative project, from inception to completion? That's me. (I'm also down to direct, write, produce, compose, write pop songs… you name it. But the singular title of creative producer is simpler, and mostly all-encompassing.)

Anyway, kudos to you for reading this entire career essay. I'm very flattered. For any work inquiries, please contact me via my personal email or my representation at Gersh, and I'll be sure to get back to you.